ASSITEJ unites theatres, organisations and individuals throughout the world who make theatre for children and young people. ASSITEJ is dedicated to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people across the globe and advocates on behalf of all children regardless of nationality, cultural identity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion. ASSITEJ brings people together so that they can share knowledge and practice within the field of theatre for children and young people in order to deepen understandings, develop practice, create new opportunities and strengthen the global sector.
The members of ASSITEJ are national centres, professional networks, and individuals from around 100 countries across the world.

ASSITEJ Srbija will host the 2023 ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering.


20 to 24 November 2023, Belgrade

Sadly, due to complex local and global circumstances both financial and geopolitical, the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Serbia planned for May 2023 must be rescheduled.

The new dates of this important ASSITEJ event are 20 – 24 November 2023, starting on World Children’s Day.

ASSITEJ Serbia and ASSITEJ International are aware of the implications this change has for our members but after a careful analysis of our options, we see a postponement as the only possible way to realise the gathering.

The proximity of the event to the ASSITEJ World Congress in May 2024 in Cuba will be used as an opportunity to support our colleagues in a positive and complementary manner, both for the delegates and the hosts of the two events. A more detailed announcement of the program and open calls for participation will be shared later this year.

ASSITEJ Cuba will host the 21st annual ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival.


24 May to 1 June 2024, Havana

ASSITEJ France will host the

2025 ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering.